this was for the bitsy game swap but i forgot to sign up for the jam before it ended. whoops! i got thatguynm, who offered the theme 'surreal, existential, and/or sci-fi'. naturally i decided to try all three, and the project sort of got away from me. it didn't end up as long or as grand as i wanted to, but i'm happy with what made it in.

lemme know if you spot bugs etc.

bitsy is made by adam le doux and it slaps. you should try it

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TagsBitsy, Robots, Sci-fi, Short, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Surreal, Walking simulator

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thanks :-)

I enjoyed this. I love the art. I want more robot!

thank you!! :-) 

wow i love this! rly innovative narrative flow and use of simple but effective imagery


thank u!!

Very nice! I enjoyed the interior monologue and the passage of time.

thank you! glad you liked it :-)


Beautiful! The ending gave me misty eyes, so good job! Haven't played a Bitsy game that's gotten me as good as this one.

thank you! this means a lot


this is so good!! i love the ending




Fantastic work!


thank you! glad you liked it :-)