your buddy drank too much last night and he wants a pizza. but you should probably pilot the mech, cause he might still be drunk.

there are three endings and some hidden content if you poke around a bit.

thank you to sean for helping me hack the hell out of bitsy, and for helping me debug some weird issues.

Published Apr 09, 2018
Release date Apr 09, 2018
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, Mechs, Short, Story Rich, weird
Average sessionA few minutes


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I like your mech!


bro 1: i want pizza

bro 2: bro yanno what i want?

bro 1: what?

bro 2: your heart

bro 1: bro



Beautiful palette, giant robots, sharp plot twist into gay, everything I look for in a game, five stars

thank u! glad u liked it :-D

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Simple & elegant. Also, clever puzzle(s). You have a "catch" (Mark Brown taught me this) and then you subvert / play with the player's expectations. Marvelous. 5 / 5!

thank you so much! glad you liked it :-)

omg i really like this! i only got 2 ending but just super good game! its so fun!


thank you onion!!