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Holy shit YOU made Looking?
I really love this one. It was one of the many small games I looked at/ did tiny analysis of for a University project. The use of the phone screen as a world space is really neat.


oh amazing!! weird coincidence ha ha. thanks, i was so happy with how the phone bits turned out

Super cool, love the feel of this! :)

thanks for playing!! :-)

This was fun! Loved the hand and phone thing too :)

thanks!! glad you liked it :-) 

Excellent. Love the premise!


How though?

i dont know!! 

No, really. How do I play?

oh, i didn't know what you mean! click "run mission" and then use the arrow keys. walk into things that look interesting to see if they trigger dialogue

But there's only one thing to do, and it's the same thing, go to house, stand in corner, and then find out that the "target" jumped out the window.

oh, there isn't a way to actually get the target, sorry. it's a linear narrative

loved it. the notifications and the hand are so  cool woah



This is fun, it kind of reminds of Bond-esque spy shenanigans


LMAO OK I LOVE THE PREMISE! the phone and hand look soooo good!!!! i really liked the way you handled it!!! 


thank you onion!!